Kimmre hosted an event in the Crystal Maze, which has been recreated by the original set designers of the TV series. The experience was funded via Crowd Funding which the Kimmre team were pleased to be a part of. A team of 28 intrepid agents and clients split into 4 teams to take on the legendary Crystal Maze. The attention to detail was second to none, with the teams being navigated by their own Maze Masters through Aztec, Industrial, Medieval and Futuristic zones to take part in a range of challenges. As ever, the teams had to decide whether to take on Skill, Mystery, Physical and Mental challenges.  As per the original format, each crystal won was worth 5 seconds in the dome; with 2 teams securing and unprecedented 16 crystals each they had plenty of time to grab at thin air in the hope of collecting the gold tickets.

As with all good events, the debrief took place in the nearby watering hole and the feedback from all attendees was positive.